On Premise Cloud

If you are looking for a flexible, scalable and cost-effective cloud solution that gives you full control over your hardware and software choices, look no further than On Premise Cloud from bikpla.net.

On Premise Cloud is our cloud solution that allows us to design, engineer and implement virtualization and cloud services for you, hosted in your own data center or server room or at our facilities in Port Moresby and Lae. You can choose between private cloud or hybrid cloud models, depending on your needs and preferences.

With On Premise Cloud, you can enjoy:

•  A fast and reliable cloud service that supports your business applications and workloads

•  A connection to one of PNG’s largest internet backbones, powered by our fast and resilient hybrid fiber network with Points of Presence in most major centres in PNG

•  A secure and scalable cloud solution that leverages industry-leading technologies and best practices to optimize your performance, availability and efficiency

•  A full control over your hardware and software choices, allowing you to customize your servers, storage, network and operating systems in any way

•  A freedom to choose where to host your cloud services, whether on-premises or in our data centers, with a 99% SLA target no matter where they are hosted

•  A 24/7 business support team that is ready to assist you with any issues or queries

On Premise Cloud is not a utility billing service, but a project with capex and opex. You pay for the design, engineering and implementation of your cloud solution upfront, and then pay for the ongoing maintenance and support as agreed.

Don’t let your cloud service limit you. Choose On Premise Cloud today and get the best of both worlds: a flexible and cost-effective cloud solution and a full control over your hardware and software choices. Contact us now to get a quote or find out more.

If you are looking for a cloud solution that does not require any upfront capex, but allows you to pay only for the resources you use on a monthly basis, you may be interested in our PNG Cloud service, which is hosted in POM and Lae and offers on-demand cloud services. You can learn more about PNG Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service here.