Backup as a Service

If you are looking for a cloud solution that protects your data from loss, corruption, hacking, or theft, look no further than Backup as a Service


Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a way of storing data remotely in the cloud and having us provide the necessary backup and recovery infrastructure and software. You can manage your own backup and recovery operations using our user-friendly interface and tools, or we can assist you with the configuration if needed.

With Backup as a Service, you can enjoy:

•  A fast and reliable backup service that supports your business continuity and disaster recovery plans

•  A connection to one of PNG’s largest internet backbones, powered by our fast and resilient hybrid fiber network with Points of Presence in most major centres in PNG

•  A secure and scalable backup solution that leverages our PNG Cloud and IaaS services, hosted in our data centers in POM and Lae

•  A unique feature that allows you to replicate critical backups to redundant data centers in POM and Lae as well as to our offshore data center in Parramatta, Australia

•  A self-managed service that gives you full control and responsibility over your backup and recovery operations

Don’t let your data be vulnerable. Choose Backup as a Service today and get the peace of mind that your data is safe and recoverable. Contact us now to get a quote or find out more